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Ce site a été façonné pour une expérience de V.  Bella pure. Elle incarne le talent créatif, l'influence, l'inspiration, et le charisme social. Vous rencontrerez les beaucoup de promenades de sa vie comme vous entrez chaque page.  Apprécier votre séjour avec le bel ange...


This site has been fashioned for a pure V. Bella experience. She embodies creative talent, influence, inspiration, and social charisma.  You will encounter the many walks of her life as you enter each page.  Enjoy your stay with the beautiful angel...

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V. Bella has become my alias over the past couple of years.  It derives from a long time of hearing compliments such as "you are such a beautiful person", "your spirit is beautiful" and "what a beautiful personality you have".  If you've ever had the pleasure of being in my company, you will know that laughter is a huge part of me, I enjoy interacting with people and I strongly believe life is a platform filled with opportunities for each of us to relish.

This website has been developed as a home for
all of my projects and forthcoming endeavors.

Le bel ange is French for the beautiful angel

I am known for my youthful smile, energized
personality, ambition to achieve, humanitarian 
spirit and zest for life.  During your visit, you will 
capture specifics about my host of emerging 
roles and services. 

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